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The Importance of Play Time


Playtime is extremely important! It promotes much needed physical activity, creativity, imagination, emotional bonding and cognitive stimulation. Children develop much of their social skills and self confidence when they actively play with other children. They learn first hand how to share, work within a group and solve conflicts. Today, many children do not engage in enough active playtime, partly the result of parental inability due to work related obligations and distractions from television. Reduced play is believed to increase anxiety, depression and stress as children are not allowed an outlet that perfectly suits their development and natural social impulses. Playtime should preferably occur with other children, outdoors and/or with engaging toys.

Children thrive in social environments that allow them to express their creativity and use their imagination. Of course a balance must always be maintained. Playtime, unchecked, can be similarly detrimental if a child does not properly channel some of this energy into more structured learning. Too much active learning can overburden a child, while too much playtime will make it more difficult to enforce structure and discipline.

Encouraging Playtime

Ensure your child achieves a good balance between work and play. Let her know that playtime is just as important as going to school. Get to know her friends and try to be as actively involved with her social life as possible. Always set aside some time to play with her and encourage her to tell you about her day to improve her self-confidence and language skills.